Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Frills, Just Food.

We're all friends here, so let's dispense with the boring, drawn out introductions - my name is Sara, I'm a 25 year old graduate student, and I taught myself how to cook (with a little help from my family and the Food Network).  I currently live at home but my boyfriend and I are hoping to change that soon.  (Helloooo full-time teaching job, where are you?!)  In the meantime, I'm trying to substitute teach, finish my Master's degree, and build up a repertoire of meals so that when it comes time for me to have to cook dinner every single night by myself, I won't be feeding my boyfriend mac and cheese out of a box (I'm pretty sure that's not how you get a big, shiny engagement ring... but don't quote me).

This brings us to my issue.  I am a no frills kind of cook.  I can't be bothered with things that have 73 ingredients (72 of which I don't currently have in my house), 18 pages ("FRONT AND BACK!" for you Friends aficionados) of directions, and 12 hours of active cook time.  No.  I'm sorry, no normal person ever cooks that way and I'm far too impatient to try it out myself.

So here is my quest: find (or create) simple recipes with a normal amount of ingredients (hopefully most of which will already be in my pantry) that will use up my leftovers whenever possible and won't make my bank account scream.  I'll use this blog to share what I come up with (whether that ends in delicious dinners or kitchen catastrophes) and I'm sure you'll hear from my boyfriend now and again, interjecting his opinions on my efforts.  He's hilarious (and brutally honest), you'll like him, I guarantee it. :)

In other, more concise words - no frills, just food.  (And good food, at that.)

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