Monday, March 28, 2011

Gardening Insanity!

Okay fellow food lovers... I am going to do something I have yet to do on this blog.  I am going to talk about my babies.  No, I don't have children.  No, I'm not talking about the two ridiculously adorable (but very loud and crazy) brown beagles sitting on the couch next to me. 

 I mean, come on.  They're too cute.

But yes, dear friends - I am talking about my seedlings!  It is about that time of year when I break out my green thumb and start playing in the dirt for as many hours as a day as I can - FULLY neglecting everything else in my life (right now, the main neglect is homework).  So far, I have started a couple varieties of tomatoes, a couple varieties of peppers, and some eggplant.  Here's the full list:


Brandywine Red
Brandywine Pink
Mortgage Lifter
Big Rainbow
Black Krim
Sun Gold
Super Sweet 100
Steak Sandwich
Better Boy
Yellow Pear

(okay, so when I said "a couple," I may have been holding back just a little).


Pepperoncini (for my dad, whose love of pepperoncini knows no bounds)
Red Roaster Hybrid
Big Dipper (sweet green bells)


Burpee Hybrid

Okay, I should explain something.  I had TERRIBLE luck with eggplants last year.  Plenty of beautiful purple flowers but not a single eggplant to speak of.  Unacceptable, if you ask me.  I'm trying EXTRA hard this year because homemade eggplant parmesan might be the most delicious thing in the history of deliciosity (somebody tell Webster that's a word now!  What?  If BFF can be in Websters, so can deliciosity).  Okay, so once in a while (or maybe a little more than once in a while - I'm sorry, I can't help it!), I will update you all on the progress of my little seedling babies and show you lots of pictures of delicious veggies (knock on wood!).

Here's the first batch:

my little eggplant babies on the left and peppers on the right

all of my eggplant and pepper babies (with some thyme all the way on the far end)

all my baby tomatoes! don't mind the spilled dirt.

all my tomatoes repotted on 3/25 YAY!

And just so we're clear - this is no frills food at its best.  Being able to walk into my garden, pull some veggies off the plants, and bite into them right there is the ultimate no frills snack.  Here's to hoping I don't accidentally eat any dirt while I'm at it.

Happy gardening and eating!

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