Sunday, July 3, 2011

Updates #1 and 2: Cranberry Lemon Mint Granita

Hey all - just a quick update on the granita making!  I tasted the granita when it started to get a little ice crystaly (yes, it's a word) and it was still a little too sour for me, so I added another healthy squirt of light corn syrup and now everything is sweet and lovely.  Here's what it looks like three hours into the freezing and scraping process!

Hellooooo gorgeous.
It tastes as good as it looks, I promise.

Happy Independence Day! <3

Update #2:  Granita is GORGEOUS.  Check it out after 5 hours:

Yes, I ate it.  It's DELICIOUS.  It tastes like a pink lemonade snow cone with a side of awesome.  I will absolutely make this again, and I suggest that you make it as well!


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