Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Realizations and a new look! :)

Hellooooooo Christmas blog layout! Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Yes, I am also aware that Christmas isn’t for another month-ish.  It’s okay.  Actually, that’s kind of the theme of this post.

I think the reason that I have a hard time posting regularly is that I like everybody else’s food blogs better than my own.  Okay, I know that’s a strange sentence, but I promise it’ll be okay.  Yes, I would rather read everyone else’s food blogs and look at their gorgeous pictures and giggle over how witty they are, and be amazed by their creativity and ability to blend flavors than sit at my computer and write up a post that may not even have any pictures attached to it at all.

So through all this thinking, I’ve come to the realization that my food blog isn’t like anyone else’s food blog (and not just because I am a slacker and don’t post regularly) and guess what?  I decided that’s okay.  I don’t own a professional-grade digital camera, I don’t take photo studio style pictures, and I am most certainly not a food stylist (though I do think that would be a pretty cool career choice).  I’m pretty technologically savvy, but I am by no means an expert (shout out to my brother who actually is an expert and helped me fix my computer VIA TEXT last night when I didn’t even know what I did to break it in the first place. How cool is he?).  Last night, I realized that’s all okay.

Here at No Frills, Just Food, I own a regular digital camera and a Blackberry whose camera has no flash.  My kitchen has one tiny window and my glass sliding door projects all the light into the wrong part of the kitchen.  The photos of my food aren’t the gorgeous shots that I envy (and drool over) from so many of the food blogs I follow – and that’s okay.  My photos will show you the actual food I cook, probably from the exact plate I will eat from while sitting at a snack table watching Sons of Anarchy on my DVR.  That’s okay, too.  (Seriously, who watched last night’s episode?! INSANE.  He’s totally dead.)

My kitchen counters are always cluttered because I choose to live my life in my house and not spend all day cleaning.  You will most likely see bits and pieces of this in any pictures I do post on this blog because that’s my real life.  And it’s okay for you to see it because it’s who I really am.  I won’t put on a front for you guys – you will always get the real me, no frills.  And yet again, that’s okay.

So if you’re okay with my messy kitchen, my less than professional pictures, and my delicious food (I promise, there’s no compromise there), then stick around because I’m going to throw some serious recipes your way.  If not, check out my blog roll for a list of the food blogs I follow that are gorgeous, spotless, and perfect – and believe me, there are plenty, and I think they are fabulous.


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